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Review: Re-Fringed Day One

A stellar first day. Three more to go.

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Trevor Poole
Zach Faye and Meghan Hubley in The Vanishing Woman
February 15-18
The Bus Stop Theatre
2203 Gottingen St.

The Wrath of Ponzi

This one-hour comedy-horror play won the 2016 Atlantic Fringe Award for Best New Play. It’s the story of a pyramid scheme’s victims and a sales meeting gone very wrong. The writing is strong, the laughs are frequent, and the performances are top-notch. Notable are Audrey Eastwood with her demonic icy stare and Danny MacFarlane as her bumbling counterpart. Fair warning: you may get a tad bloody sitting in the front row.

Written and Directed by Nicholas Cox
Featuring Danny MacFarlane, Audrey Eastwood, Tesia Brown, Jessica Oliver and Andrew Chandler
Friday Feb 17th - 8:30PM
Saturday Feb 18th - 10:30PM

Dark Matter
Circling the topics of grief and the astrophysics, the characters in Dark Matter are paralyzed by the vastness of the world and the imbalance of questions versus answers. Out of some human necessity they don't, or can't, talk about how they feel or say what they mean, but their experience is so deeply felt through subtle and expert performances. Clocking in at only 15 minutes, writer Colleen MacIsaac has crafted an elusive and beautiful gem.

Written by Colleen MacIsaac
Directed by Garry Williams
Featuring Dan Bray, Christine Daniels and Colleen MacIsaac
Thursday Feb 16th - 8:30PM
Saturday Feb 18th - 4:00PM
$10 - double bill with The Vanishing Woman

The Vanishing Woman
A man has an imagined conversation with a woman. Is it a dream? Is it a magic trick? The Vanishing Woman explores the fleeting nature of love and what we imagine it is, or can be. And then it’s over before you know it. Poof, gone.  This play is a gorgeous enigma.   

Written by Trevor Poole
Directed by Keelin Jack
Featuring Zach Faye and Meghan Hubley
Thursday Feb 16th - 8:30PM
Saturday Feb 18th - 4:00PM
$10 - double bill with Dark Matter

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