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Review: KAMP

A new musical about gay men in a Nazi concentration camp.

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Trevor Beckerson

Halifax artists Garry Williams and Jamie Bradley have undertaken a very ambitious project with KAMP.  It is an original full-length musical about gay men in a Nazi concentration camp who, despite imminent danger, or in some ways perhaps because of it, create a musical revue in their barrack.  It is rich terrain for a story of suffering and despair, but in this creative duo’s hands, particularly Williams’ music and lyrics, it is also story of resilience told with humour and grace. Three public work-in-progress presentations were held as a part of the Mayworks Festival of Working People & The Arts, and two more concert readings will be held before the end of the month, hosted by Eastern Front Theatre’s Stages Festival. KAMP is a vital work of art that has gained tragic relevance in light of the current imprisonment and torture of gay men in Chechnya. See this show before the word spreads and it's selling out on Broadway. It's that good.

Lyrics and Music by Garry Williams
Book by Jamie Bradley

April 28-30 7:30pm
The Halifax Music Co-op
2164 Barrington St.

May 16th at 2pm
The Living Room
2353 Agricola St.

May 27th 11am
The Bus Stop Theatre
2203 Gottingen St.

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