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Resident Evil: Retribution

For the die-hard Jovofan only

Another in a string of video game movies, the Resident Evil series continues, with Alice (Milla Jovovich), a rogue agent of the Umbrella Corporation, fighting zombies (or, more accurately, cloned humans infected with a bio-weapon virus that makes them flesh-eating monsters). Alice’s mission is to traverse a series of simulated cities, battling various monsters summoned up to kill her and her partners. At about an hour and a half, Paul W.S. Anderson’s Retribution manages to be extremely boring—not even Jovovich in her ass-kicking S&M outfit can fully redeem the fifth installment of the series (which, unfortunately, sets out the mission for a sixth). (It’s worth noting, Anderson and Jovovich are married—make of that what you will.) Unless you’re a fan of the video game, or craving a dose of Jovovich, you won’t miss out on much by skipping this movie.

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