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Star-studded Rage too awesome for your cellphone

Directed by Sally Potter (

Sally Potter's new film Rage is promoted as the world's first feature-length film shot for mobile phones (currently only in the UK, but available on as online chapters, updated every Thursday), but technology is the last reason to watch this experiment. Shot as a series of one-sided interviews in front of glorious-hued backdrops, Potter (Orlando), who never shies from the abstract, builds her murder-mystery---no blood, no scenery---out of old-fashioned acting, smartly written monologues and ambient sound. As chaos erupts backstage at a fashion show, we're introduced to a large pool of potential suspects and witnesses, including Judi Dench as a snotty Anna Wintour type and Dianne Wiest as the quietly simmering former heiress of the fashion house who laments the garment district's good-old days. Steve Buscemi once again plays a grizzled photographer, and most surprisingly, Jude Law is unrecognizable as Russian supermodel Mink.

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    • Dose anyone know when Jonny Cash & the White family visit the Halifax Shopping Centra

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