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Q&A with Twin City Wrestling host Adria Young

Intrepid Coast reporter Adria Young moonlights as the host of a brand new wrestling show

Q&A with Twin City Wrestling host Adria Young
Scott Blackburn
Adria Young pins 'em

Sometimes someone you work with is doing something so cool you just can't ignore it. So at the risk of saying I only cover my friends (which is 100% completely true by the way. That's why I have so many friends and never ever EVER spend nights alone binge-watching Orphan Black and eating microwave popcorn, on account of I'm almost always in da club or poolside taking pictures of the tops of my thighs), I asked Coast contributor extraordinaire Adria Young about her mind-bogglingly awesome new venture: hosting a local cable TV show about wrestling.

Q: What the heck is going on, girl?
A: TCW Wrestling is a six-part wrestling series on Eastlink (Thursdays—check local listings) and online over the next six weeks, culminating in the first live event of the year, TCW’s Evolution of Championship Wrestling (June 28). The hour-long episodes feature matches by some of the most animated live action pro-wrestlers like Dazzling Dick Durning, Julius Fantana, Lincoln Steen, Narcis Saint, the Acadien Remi Petit, R&R Express and more, with announcer (and series editor) Scott Simpson, hosted by me. The series includes special guests, and matches were filmed at live events in Dartmouth and Lunenburg County last year by TCW and Jason Eisener and crew. Local audiences get loud and rowdy. As the host of TCW for this season, I take the audience through the ropes of each episode and introduce major threats, though I think I’m starting to have a secret, burning desire to get in the ring. Not only are these wrestlers defending their titles, there’s an entertaining clash of egos and greasy promoters.

Q: Why now? And why wrestling?
A: TCW owner, Cyril Richards, is bringing local wrestling back to local TV, which hasn't really happened in the Maritimes since the days of Grand Prix. I hope viewers will get into the spirit of wrestle and then come out to live TCW events to watch the rest of the series unfold. TCW Wrestling (and wrestling in general) is family entertainment and so much of the experience is really getting involved in the events, cheering for faces, booing the heels, and just being engaged. Going to TCW live really inspired me to get involved and embrace the spirit of wrestle.

Q: How much bronzer is too much bronzer?
A: As the host of a wrestling show, there is no such thing as too much bronzer.

Q: Who is your favourite wrestler?
A: My favourite TCW wrestler is the vain Narcis Saint. I have a soft spot for pretty faces but he needs a glitzier opponent, someone with as much sparkle. Maybe a new challenger will swoop in and take these pretty-boy wrestlers by snowstorm. I also like tag-teams and I like watching those R&R dirtbags take hits. I really appreciate that TCW’s wrestlers have regional inflections in their characters and they take the matches seriously while still having fun. 

Q: What do you love most about the sport/art/entertainment medium?
A: Anything can happen in wrestling, from chair and ladder hitting to the ring collapsing; it’s real, spontaneous live action. Plus, the film crews (Jason Eisener, Evan Eliot, Tyler Ross, Pat Campbell and more) did an excellent job capturing the events and the production quality is great. 

Q: Why should we turn on the TV?
A: A lot—a ton—of work went into this series. I can’t wait to watch it develop and I think the next year of live events is going to be great. TCW is bringing in two top lady wrestlers, Leah Von Dutch and Courtney Rush, for the first ever TCW ladies match in June, who of course I’m really excited for, because lady wrestlers are my favourite wrestlers and deserve to be champions. 

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