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Q&A with Quivers

Quivers have been busy blissfully playing their psychedelic punk music since April 2010, and this Tuesday, it all comes crashing down around your ears. It's happening, they are breaking up. Click their name to listen to their songs. Have lots of tissues ready.

Q: Why are you breaking up?
Lyle: Because I'm moving away and Matt is having a baby.

Q: What are your best memories of being a band?
Lyle: Best memory is Millard's Garage.
Ryan: Tour in general I remember fondly, despite not looking any of you in the eye for months after.
Andrew: Millard's Garage in Sudbury. It's a garage venue run by the ultimate supportive dad. Told us we deserved to be a road band
Josh: Highs: #JamesMillard, that murder on the Trans-Canada, the mountains, not eating at Subway that one time.
Matt: Best memory: Definitely Papa Millard and his iguana, Yoda. He was really into hip hop.

Q: Do you feel like you accomplished what you set out to do when you started this band?
Lyle: I had no expectations. Get drunk lots? Then yes.
Andrew: I got to tour across most of Canada playing a stupid novelty instrument
Matt: Ripped it up and had some fun. Who really cares about the rest, ya know.

Q: What were some of your influences? (musical or otherwise)
Lyle: Tone Loc, Christopher Cross
Josh: Our friends' bands, Ork Records, Bach's Bottom
Matt: Boston

Q: How did you try to make your performances stand out?
Lyle: We took our shirts off.

Q: Do you think the music scene has changed since you started playing?
Lyle: It hasn't changed much. Our friends' bands are good.
Andrew: Some talented people have moved on to greener pastures, but other people have started new awesome bands to compensate, it all works out in the end.
Matt: Some of the people/bands involved may have changed but overall the scene in Halifax is still in a similar state as it has been in the past five years, in my opinion. I think it is a pretty active scene for some of the barriers in place—but that's a discussion for another day.

Q: What would you like to do next? (musical or otherwise)
Lyle: I'm joining Jessie J's band and making lots of money.
Andrew: Josh is in Monomyth which is the best and super dreamy. Ryan and Matt are in a punk band called the I Don't Give a Rips. I'm in some funny joke bands. Matt: Either a Boston tribute band or become an astronaut

Q: Can you tell me a bit about these songs that you recorded? Where was it done? What are they like?
Lyle: Josh wrote all the songs about masturbation. Mike Wright [recorded them].
Josh: I think I have matured at as a songwriter to the point where there is only one veiled masturbation joke on this record. The songs were recorded the same time we recorded the first ones, Echo Chamber, October 31 of 2010 with Mike Wright. Then overdubbed the odd vocal line. Andrew mixed them after we got back from tour.

Q: Any final thoughts?
Andrew: If Lyle ever comes back, our first priority is to play a reunion show at Millard's Garage in Sudbury. Lyle is going to for sure be famous once he lives in the old world.
Josh: Matt and I got the Sweet Tenders to play at the firehall in Tantallon when we were still in high school. I'm mostly going to miss my friend Lyle.
Matt: Every big city/festival we played we were always the ugly band that stuck out. In the bad sense.

Wave goodbye wildly at the Khyber on Tuesday, February 14 (with Nap Eyes and Old & Weird). There will be cake, a kissing booth, a photo booth, candy, balloons, tears, a tape release.

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