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Pop Explosion Night Three: G-Dogs and Sombreros

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I am still reeling from the last three days while simultaneously coming off of a bit of depression. A red shiny wristband is lying on the floor, there are gross earplugs everywhere, my house is messy and smells like Yoohoo and beer and my cat is suffering a mighty comedown after three days of being neglected and people stomping around her face. I'm still too tired to process, so instead I'll just spew about my favorites (and least favorites) over the internet.


I received these at work just before closing time. Very kind of my work.


Our first stop on Thursday night was Tribeca, where we saw Ten Kens, who hail from Toronto. I really don't know what to make of these guys. There was a weird sound pad on the floor that also seemed to be connected to a lighting rig. The pad added weird effects to the singer's voice and controlledl the intense blue and red lights that flooded the stage. There was also a lot of intense worm-like dancing from the lead singer. The music reminded me of Dungen if it was filtered through a Sonic Youth/Thom Yorke lens. I'm not entirely sure if the entire affair worked for me. They make good music videos though.

Then it was time for homegirl Tara Thorne's band Dance Movie. It was Coast-reunion-ville, which filled me with immense joys. It was also a pretty loud set, which also filled me with the joys. This is mad-conflict-of-interest alert-y but I am continually floored by women who exhibit more and more confidence with every performance and T-Thorne exemplifies that. We are all very proud.

Then it was time for The Darcys, who are also from Toronto. You know a band is pretty when three different men around you comment on it. "Look at their beards!" said my brother. The music was also pretty, if not particularly memorable.


Another (newly-minted) Torontonian Rebekah Higgs came on next looking quite nice in black and red lipstick and earrings that dangled. She's backed pretty much by her Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees band. She sang a song about her nephew and other light, airy songs that gave me bubbly feelings. The "bleeps and bloops" of her earlier stuff are still there, but mixed in a nice, complimentary way. Overall the music reminded me of a souffle. Sweet, light as air.

I was feeling really haggard by this point and was almost considering skipping The Golden Dogs and going home. Then the band exploded onstage and socked me in the face with pop. The entire room erupted and people started dancing and yelling everywhere. You always remember the first time you saw the Golden Dogs, and all around me I could see people's faces split in smiles as they witnessed these extremely cute, high-energy people sharing their perfectly raucous music for the first time.



Then it was time to go home, but not before we ran into this guy:


After I took the photo, I asked him if he was dressed that way for a Pop Explosion show. "I don't know what that is," he replied.

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