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Photos: Dance party on the Common

Even the cops feel the beat at the Friday night dance party.

Madeleine and Lindsay Slack

Our writer and resident dancer Shannon Fay busted a few moves (and took a few photos) on the Common, Friday night at a dance party organized by Su Donovaro and Mary Burnet. She writes:

The idea came together quickly and over the course of a week they got everything together: They spent $80 to rent speakers and a generator, put together a playlist, and then had a friend drive them and their equipment to the Common. While the dance was held in part in response to the violence that has occurred in the north end, the main target was the commodification of the Common. Donovaro and Burnet wanted to hold a fun, public event to counter the expensive concerts that have been held on common land. At its height, I would say there were almost a hundred people there. The police did show up early in the event, their van stopping by the crowd just as the second song (Beyonce's "Single Ladies") faded out. Burnet and Donovaro talked with them, and the cops agreed that the dance party could continue as long as people stopped going in the fountain (before the music had even started one young man had climbed the fence and got in the water, only to see how many wires there are and just how disgusting the water is before getting out).



Madeleine and Lindsay Slack
  • Madeleine and Lindsay Slack

Mary and Alexandra
  • Mary and Alexandra

Melissa Lavendar
  • Melissa Lavendar


Sonya Ruck and Phil Cousins
  • Sonya Ruck and Phil Cousins



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