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Nyan Cat flies into Halifax on a pop tart rainbow

Or, Nyan Cat's dad. Which is close enough for me.

From today's exciting announcement from Hal-Con:

"We’re excited to welcome the creative genius behind one of the internet’s most famous cats to Hal-Con this year (Nov 8-10, WTCC). Christopher Torres’s 8-bit creation of an intergalactic feline with a toaster-pastry body who flies through space on a rainbow trail exploded onto the web in 2011 and Nyan Cat was born.

The original video has almost 100 million views to date. Nyan Cat became the 5th most watched video on Youtube in 2011 and won the first ever rainbow Webby Award for meme of the year. Nyan Cat continues to be an inspiration of love and joy in animated cat GIF form to this day."

Team Hal-Con also announced special guests fantasy model Drakaina Muse and costume designer and cosplayer Yaya Han.

I am holding an informal contest to see which website benefits best from being soaked in Nyan on nyanit.com. Please submit your suggestions below. I'm guessing MRA sites would be pretty good picks.

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