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Nova Scotia Music Week, we are at you!

After a three and a half hour drive through some undeniably pretty parts of Nova Scotia—and one stretch of what Tara Thorne was calling "a human centipede of traffic"—we arrived at the Rodd Grand Hotel feeling a little ill from reading on our phones while in the car (I had to look up the lyrics to "Mr. Vain") and eating some questionable candy I bought at a gas station. Can I resist surprise bags? Answer: No.

Front Desk Shane checked us all in and we joked about the pointlessness of our credit cards ("That's been the story of my life this weekend: card declined" he quipped). We got our passes, an extra cot and some supplies of the NSLC variety. After making Waye Mason laugh with my horrible attitude problem, a few of us went to Th'Yarc to see Bike Rodeo and Bad Vibrations. It's my understanding that this show was somewhat last minute, which may have explained why it was under-attended. That was everyone else's loss, though, because both bands sounded SO GOOD. Bike Rodeo's harmonies killed and Bad Vibrations showed off their post-tour superpowers. Allison Saunders and I had planned on filming on location Rat Chat interviews that night, but we forgot the camera at the office and I found myself horribly unsuited to the task. I shot an amazing four minutes of footage with Bad Vibrations on my phone only to realize that I had the mic muffled the whole time. It was in the utility closet. Picture a hilarious video in your mind, please.

After this show we tried to see Rich Aucoin at Dooly's but we had missed quite a few songs (sadly) and the bar was at capacity (also sadly). I saw one song, though. He got the rainbow parachute out. You know people love that parachute.

So it was back to the bumpin' lobby of the Rodd Grand. There are a lot of hands to be shaken here. We had a little power-up girl chat and Hunx and his Punx time and then Alison Lang, Allison and Tara went back downstairs and I texted them from my bed in my jammies. I had done my nightly routine, ok? You can't go back from that.

Interesting things that happened in the night:
-Lang got lost and Google Maps failed her, but an early morning gym-goer escorted her back to the hotel. You cool, Yarmouth.
-Someone was "boogieing" upstairs all night and got a talking to from someone in the hall, which we all appreciated and giggled at.
-There was a near-constant heater on/heater off battle between Saunders and myself. I am in the heater off camp. Who's with me?

Other things about this place:

There are shuttles here driven by volunteers that just take you wherever you what to go—24 hours a day! There are people playing guitar in the hotel hallway almost all the time. Kris McCann tried to poach a pizza from the delivery person while they were bringing it up in the elevator. Be on your guard.

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    • Dose anyone know when Jonny Cash & the White family visit the Halifax Shopping Centra

      Posted by: Patchess on Jun 14, 2024