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No Problem (New Music 2016)

Blending many old sounds to create a new "popsicle rock."

No Problem (New Music 2016)
Shaani Singh

"Our biggest problem is that I'm too funny, it's hard for everyone to concentrate," says Daniel Crowther, songwriter and singer of Halifax four-piece No Problem, which just finished a tour to Ontario, played Flourish Festival and put out a first full-length, The Honestly Hour. "My biggest problem is listening to other people chew," says Mitchell Tarrant (bass). "If it doesn't gross you out, then it's you that has the problem." No Problem's jams feel like a mix of a lot of things, and the self-imposed "popsicle rock" tag is merely a catch-all for jazz drums, '90s-alt-rock, strained vocals, clean riffs and goofing around. This band sounds unusual and new. Guitarist Peter Gillis says "we're rude and smooth." "We started playing together in high school because Cleary McDougall had a Hawaiian shirt that said No Problem," says Crowther of the band's drummer. The album's track "Bermuda Shirt" is unrelated.

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