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Accessible black metal from the artist currently known as Nightwolf.

Nightfall started playing live this year, though that was never the intention. Nightwolf (the artist behind Nightfall) has only performed a handful of shows so far---the last being at the Blood on the Altar release at the recent OBEY V---but an upcoming video made by Heather Rappard can help tide you over until the next show in December for Nightfall's full-length Under Winter's Spell and a third EP, Mysteries of the Nightside Gnosis. "That might be the formula from now on," says Nightwolf. "Release the songs, play them live once, and that's it." Ethereal and dark, Nightfall's black metal music is inspired by paganism, nature, ancient history and witchcraft. "I like melodies that take the listener to a sort of timeless space," says Nightwolf. "Or that create a powerful atmosphere." The music is definitely beautiful and evocative---and also strangely accessible to those not at all familiar with the black metal scene. "The corpse painted, faux-Satanic, blood-drenched black metal mainstream is probably the image that is conjured in most people's minds," says Nightwolf. "But there are many styles within black metal and many artists that are exploring a lot of different ground."

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Nightfall - The Necromancer's Moon

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