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New Tunes: The Graboids - Aftershocks

hotties, smokes, skateboards, yeah!


Those delightful curmudgeons The Graboids are releasing a 5-song EP today titled Aftershocks. The band's first EP and the new one can be bought as a single CD called The First One Years a la Black Flag. If you enjoyed their first EP (and who didn't really) the second features a similar blend of hijinks, churlish behaviour and honest perspectives on life, and whatnot. Frontman Adrian Bruhm breaks down the songs thusly:

11.57 - was written by (guitarist) James O'Toole about the silly habit of smoking cigarettes.
Skate - was written by Bruhm while drunk on a skateboard and is about doing various drugs while skateboarding instead of putting effort into tricks.
He Can't Help It - is about Myles Deck and how your girlfriend is in love with him
Flip 'Em The Bird - is about passive-aggressively giving people the finger.
My Girlfriend is a Robot - is a Hanson Brothers song.

Listen to "Flip 'Em The Bird" below. You can download the whole thing at

The Graboids - Flip 'Em The Bird

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