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New Free Music-a-Rama

cash rules everything around me

Breaking news, ya maroons: People in the city are doing interesting things and giving you their music for free. Let's run it down, shall we?


First we have the city's great white garage hopes The Baketones and the release of the first of five cover albums. Each band member gets to pick three cover songs and design the cover artwork. It's very democratic. The first one was released online on Tuesday and designed by bassist Scott Burke. He picked "Monster Hospital" by Metric, "Character Zero" by Phish and "Seven and Seven", Love. I have a Phish problem (I actually can't say the band's name aloud because it gives me hives) but it is definitely interesting hearing a soul-psych band take on Metric with boy screams instead of Emily Haines' coos. An interesting project all round, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they take on next. You can hear it/download it yourselves at A new one will come out every two weeks, so pay attention.


I know I've already blathered on about Bloodhouse but I really need to say it one more time - this album is, well, it's something else. These six songs make me feel things I haven't felt since I was a teenager picking my zits, tearing up a letter I wrote to Daniel Definney about how his smell made me cry, sweating in my Teddy Ruxpin sheets and listening to guitars and yelling from a tape deck buried someone inside the bed.

The songs of Bloodhouse make me feel like I'm drowning in tar. When I listen to "Grave Mind" the bass and drone kicks in and I lose my breath. I grasp at the high, reedy little voice that calls me from somewhere inside this black mess but it's already too late. Then there is a 25-second little coffee break of space noise and feedback (thanks, guys) and you're sort of like, "It's getting loud, but is the song over? I'm SOANXIOUSRIGHTNOW."

Then the music actually does slam back in and it's surprising even though it shouldn't be, and then you're off the cliff and totally fucked. Lemming fucked. This has been happening repeatedly to me for the past three weeks every time I listen to that song. I actually pulled a muscle in my neck headbanging on Monday night, which is ridiculous and sad. It is powerful stuff and it scares me a little that this is coming from Halifax. I think I will go wherever this band leads me.


Here's a confession: I am not over York Redoubt yet. It was a very messy situation with a lot of regret and snot and bad feelings. And now I have Long Long Long's phone number,but I'm waiting to call them. I'm being coy. I have a feeling I'll like them and we'll spend some time together, and we might even dry-hump a little, but for right now, I'm not ready to tell you what this sounds like. Go and listen for yourselves. I'm sure you'll get along fine.

Edit: I forgot about QUAKER PARENTS! All the kids like 'em!


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    • Dose anyone know when Jonny Cash & the White family visit the Halifax Shopping Centra

      Posted by: Patchess on Jun 14, 2024