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New Art Records' End of Summer Blowout Festival

The local label for emerging, young artists puts on a weekend of all-ages shows at CD Heaven.

Malachy Kazi can't find enough opportunities for young artists to play in the city, so he's making them. "I was thinking this could be the start of an annual, all-ages festival," says the general manager of New Art Records, a label that focuses on young and emerging artists. Kazi's talking about this weekend's Summer Blowout Festival, a two-day event he's put together that sees young artists performing at CD Heaven. The festival starts Friday evening with a few hours of band sets and moves into Saturday afternoon's acoustic performances. Bands Snow and Blackbirds, ...Ants & Anchors, Mogli, Paradise Project, Shaun, Lovebutter, Chunk Audio and Joel MacLean are signed up to play, with a few more acts to be decided. Everyone's welcome to get in on the festival---Kazi stresses that it's not just for artists who work with New Art Records---so if you're interested in signing up just find New Art Records on Facebook and send Kazi a message.

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