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Nadasi’s one-man army

Nadasi’s enviable work ethic will put you to shame. But his music will lift you back up again.

Charismatic rap artist Nadasi (AKA Nathan Simon) has a work ethic to be impressed by. Nadasi rarely stops promoting, sharing with fans, networking, creating, performing--- giving an air of having a highly paid PR staff behind him.

But that's not the case. Nadasi is a one-man army, running a clothing label (WInner's Circle), working with a promotional company (Reel Life Fam Entertainment) and rapping.

And this weekend you have a chance to catch this whirlwind.

Despite all of his projects, Nadasi doesn't hesitate to put his family first. "Two years ago I was really getting back into hip-hop," he says. "I was opening and getting bigger shows, I played the T-Pain show---then I found out my girlfriend was pregnant and it took a backseat. I was like 'What do I do? Do I keep going with the music or take care of the real responsibilities?' At 24 I was a dad, so the music had to take the back burner."

Now that San is older, music can edge to the forefront. "I'm a bit wiser now, and I'm not slacking," he says.

In the last year, Nadasi performed at East Coast Music Week---"That was a huge honour," he says. "I've never performed on a showcase like that before"---and was nominated for an African Nova Scotian Music Association award for Rising Star. And with a new mixtape and website on the way by May, he hopes to reach even more fans with his relatable, upbeat style.

"Relating to people is what makes me happy," he says. "Sometimes I'll be scrolling through Facebook and I'll see my lyrics as someone's status and I'm just blown away like, 'Whoa, is that my line?' It's rewarding to know my lines mean something and that people listen."--Stephanie Johns

Freedom of Expression
featuring Nadasi w/Isotonic, Connor and Mike, E.M.A. to the D, Mackie and the Jackals, Erfish, Amr Mostata, JR Loeb, Dekz, Cash Money;
Saturday, April 20, 9pm, $8/$10
Argyle Bar & Grill, 1575 Argyle Street

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