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My Head's Gonna Explode Tonight

i wish there was ten of me



The big ticket tanite is the Windom Earle/Pastoralia/Cold Warps show at Gus' at 10:30, right after Paul F. Tompkins' last show. Not only are all three bands awesome (and Cold Warps are on fucking fire right now) but I bet a lot of people will be aiming for a Paul F. (or PFFFT!) spotting. Will the funny fellow make an appearance (and gratify those who seemed to think he would be there earlier today?) He says he hates drunken creeps, but who knows? People didn't think they'd run into Alicia Silverstone at Gus' either. What-everrrr! Anyway, I'll be going here, because I ain't never seen Cold Warps yet, and I like Pastoralia's spooky mashy dark wave dance vibe. Bzzzang!

If I wasn't going there, I'd be going to see the The Grass at the Seahorse with Gamma Gamma Rays and Barely Durt, for 8 dollah. 10pm. The Grass are pretty unstoppable right now. I was initially sad when their old line-up imploded but I've come back to the fold recently. Listen to their Myspace if ya don't believe.

And if I wasn't going to either of these places, I'd go to my friend Brent's house and drink with a friend of his from Regina who apparently has the biggest beard I will ever see (DOUBTFUL), or play Rock Band with a sad friend. Or get in a fight. Whatever you decide to do, be safe and have fun.

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