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IDOW musicians’ picks

We asked a few In the Dead of Winter artists to share what songs they’ll be screaming for at this year’s festival.

Brinleigh picks "The Company Store" by Greg MacPherson:

I snuck into my first bar, The Upstairs Club in Sydney, to see Greg perform. I was wide-eyed and 16 with a satchel full of homemade apple wine. His well-defined biceps inspired me to do push-ups every day.

Corey Isenor picks "Place I Call Home" by Spencer Burton (AKA Grey Kingdom):

I chose this song because it always stands out to me when I listen to the record [Light, I'll Call Your Name Out Darkness] as a strong and simple folk number, featuring some great little harmonies and double guitar-picking with a nice back and forth of verse and chorus, of sorts. It basically sums up how I sometimes wish my music sounded; it's a beautiful song.

Willie Stratton picks "Sweetheart" by Jennah Barry:

Pretty dang good.

Mike Bochoff picks "Victorious" by Greg MacPherson:

I saw Greg perform a few months back at The Company House and he played a new song called "Victorious" about the injustices and victimization of the working class. Fucking blew me away. Great songwriting, amazing energy. A must-see at IDOW for sure.

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Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?

Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?