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Music video mania this weekend

Extra! Extra!

Music video mania this weekend
A classic

I'm not sure if the children of today are still excited about seeing themselves onscreen, what with the YouTubes and the Weblogs and the computers with the FaceTime and the InterCaps, but if you still long for your 15 minutes, this weekend is a good chance to account for like 10 seconds AT LEAST.

Tonight at the Seahorse, Like A Motorcycle will be shooting footage for an upcoming video, at their show with Three Sheet and The Lucy Grays (10pm, $10). Wear that distinct t-shirt you own, for ease of pointing yourself out later.

Tomorrow at some manner of Hind Legs HQ (9:30pm, 1274 Barrington, apt. #1, across from Bearly's) there is a shoot of a much more messy description: A paint fight and a birthday party, all rolled up into one. Bring a white button-up shirt and a water gun/balloon/spoons/thing with which to huck paint. Hind Legs will provide the paint (and a button-up shirt, if you really don't have one). All you have to do is get covered in paint, smile and congratulate drummer Ben Deinstadt for getting another year older.

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