Mic Boyd | Music | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

Mic Boyd wrapped up a 30-date tour last Saturday just in time to release his new album Lost in the Woods (Half Life Records) on February 26. Boyd is off to a good start supporting the album. “My new video for ‘Guess Who’s Back’ has just started playing on MuchMusic and we’re applying for another one at the end of the month, so hopefully we’ll be shooting that one soon.” For someone who claims he’s “the tightest white boy,” Boyd’s onstage bravado and self-assured lyrics hide a shy nature. “I try not to think of the show at all until the second I step on stage, because I get bad anxiety sometimes. The perfect show for me would be me in a back room beforehand watching cartoons until they say my name to go on, then get a good buzz through the show and have a nice after-party,” says Boyd. “Long as I’m laughing, everything is perfect.”

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