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Miami Connection

Directed by Richard Park (Drafthouse)

In 1987, director Richard Park teamed up with Tae Kwon Do grandmaster (and fledgling screenwriter-producer) Y.K. Kim to create Miami Connection, a martial arts action film about a multiracial rock group doing battle with a coke-dealing alliance of bikers and ninjas. The film opened in a measly eight theatres before being laughed off the screen, seemingly forever. Rediscovered and acquired by Drafthouse Films in 2012, this long-lost instant cult favourite has come to DVD and Blu-ray with hours of new extra features, including a making-of documentary, an alternate ending and a video of the reunion concert of Dragon Sound (the film’s fictional band). The script is ludicrous and the performances are awful, but Miami Connection’s straightfaced feel-good spirit is stupidly infectious. Also, Dragon Sound’s songs (all of which seem to be about the power of friendship and the evil of ninjas) will be stuck in your head for days afterwards.
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