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Metallica is Probably Playing Citadel Hill on July 14

announcement coming sometime on Monday


The Chronicle-Herald just posted a story linking back to an update on the Atlantic Canada Rocks website that says Metallica is more or less confirmed to play Citadel Hill on Thursday July 14. Apparently things are being held up by delays in confirming opening acts, although - calloo callay - Three Days Grace has been rumoured as the opener.

The post, written by an "unnamed source," claims the official announcement will be coming down the pipeline later today or tomorrow. However, the Herald spoke to another unnamed source who says the announcement will be coming tomorrow, not today.

Considering that I don't even really like Metallica, this entire post is making my brain hurt, but I understand many people out there are Metallica fans (including the author of the Atlantic Rocks post, who says this event will be "one of the greatest shows Halifax has ever seen.") So I will stop grumping and let all you guys rock out to Ride the Lightning and headbang mightily in preparation for this big announcement which has basically already been announced but is not technically a real announcement. If you play St. Anger though, I swear to God I'm gonna cut someone.

Edit: The Atlantic Canada Rocks entry has been updated: it says the announcement will now be coming this Monday.

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