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Memorial for LEXX co-creator this Sunday

Lex Gigeroff to be feted at Bubba Rays

Memorial for LEXX co-creator this Sunday
The cast of LEXX
For six seasons (1997 to 2002), LEXX was the biggest show in town, a sexy science-fiction TV series with an international pedigree (a Canadian co-pro made with British, German and US support) shot in Halifax.

Writer/actor/director and LEXX co-creator and head-writer Lex Gigeroff was a big part of the success of the show. Gigeroff died of heart failure last week at his home in Fredericton, NB.

He will be remembered---with a few pints, no doubt---by his friends in and out of the local film and TV production business at Bubba Ray's Sports Bar (5650 Spring Garden Road, 405-4344) on Sunday, January 8 from noon to 1pm.

"He was an inspiration and an icon to me before I even met the guy," says filmmaker Jason Shipley about Gigeroff. Shipley was a fan of LEXX---which he describes as "really weird, really funny and really dark"---before he started working on it, as a 2nd Assistant Director. He and Gigeroff continued to work together in the years since on short films and children's shows. Shipley reports Gigeroff remained prolific, even writing a play called Conrad and Barbara, about Black and his wife in a hotel room, contemplating skipping the country on the eve of his sentencing.

Gigeroff's first feature film as a director was in the works, called Gillian and Giles, to have been shot in the Dominican Republic. Shipley says the script is ready, and though his passing has put plans to shoot it on hold, it may still get made. "He was a great guy," says Shipley. "A legend."


We've learned that John Dunsworth will be hosting the Bubba's event, and there will be speakers including LEXX co-creator Paul Donovan. Attendees are encouraged to stay into the afternoon to enjoy the NFL wildcard weekend.
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