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Lulu Keating in car accident

Popular Halifax filmmaker Lulu Keating, who moved to the Yukon in 2000, was badly injured in a car accident on August 30. According to reports, she was in transit to Dawson City to deliver some films for their festival, when the vehicle rolled, throwing her onto the road. Unfortunately she is expected to be immobilized in bed for several months until they know, for sure, the extent of the damage.

Like most artists who work for themselves, Keating faces expensive medical bills and a lack of income, so now there's the Loonies For Lulucampaign to help her out. Save your coins and make donations at the convenient cash boxes located at AFCOOP---Keating is a lifetime member--- Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, or by cheques made out to Lulu, and mailed to: Linda Joy Media Arts, re. Lulu, CBC Radio Bldg, 5600 Sackville St., Halifax, NS, B3J 1L2. Donations will also be accepted at upcoming Monday Night Movies screenings.

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