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Let loose with suddenlyLISTEN

The seventh season of improv workshops means 2012 is going to sound mighty fine.

Let loose with suddenlyLISTEN
Open minds make major music.

It's the beginning of a new year, time for resolutions. When some people are making promises to themselves to be more active, read more books and eat less chips...why not try to kick up your creative side? Just in time for all of this resolving, the ever-innovative and unique folks at suddenlyLISTEN are back with a new season of their improv workshops. For the seventh year running they'll encourage music-makers of all skill levels to take a step outside their comfort zones, and make new music. Every other Monday night sL's Tim Crofts and Norman Adams, and sometimes special guests, lead the pack, dividing participants up into groups and encouraging them to share their improvised pieces and learn from each other. If you've got an instrument, bring it, and open your mind wide...who knows what wonderful sounds 2012 could bring.

Mon Jan 9, 1313 Hollis Street, 7:30-9:30pm, $5 (and on alternate Monday nights until May 14)

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