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LCD Soundsystem is Amazing

and a joyful set turns me into a grilled cheese sandwich


When I think about LCD Soundsystem's set on Friday night, I get all gooshy inside. A giant disco ball had the tent sparkling, and some fruity dude had a unicorn he was parading around on a stick, so if you stepped back far enough, it looked like the unicorn was walking on all the bobbing, smiling, screaming faces.
James Murphy was exactly what you would expect; happy and scruffy and a little caustic, with a voice that channeled both Bowie and Antony Hegarty. His band wore matching tight white t-shirts and shared an affinity for cowbell breaks. It was 2:30 in the morning and people like this guy were dancing in front of us:


When the band launched into "All My Friends" my heart went in my throat and I felt my legs start to give out. I left the tent and lay outside with all the other people dozing on the ground. By the time he got into "New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down" it seemed that the sound was echoing from different corners of the farm, as if multiple James Murphys were singing to each other from opposing corners to all the bodies sleeping in the grass. This was the last night of their tour. Crowd singalongs:

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