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Laxmi Adhikari’s sweet harmonium

Laxmi Adhikari bring songs of love straight from Nepal.

Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaasen, Laxmi Adhikari
Sunday, May 24, 4:30-6pm
Common Roots Urban Farm

Before Laxmi Adhikari and his wife Raj Adhikari moved to Halifax in 2011 from Nepal, they had over three decades of playing music under their belts—Laxmi on the harmonium and Raj on the Madal drum—their son also performs music, but he's a pop singer, unlike his father. The Adhikaris play traditional, festival songs, mainly in Nepali, but there are more and more English originals being written in tribute to Laxmi's adopted home. The Adhikaris prefer sentimental and loving songs, six of which will be released this summer on musician Dave Ewenson's new label Warp & Weft, as an EP titled Nepali Songs in Halifax: Memories of My Country. "The songs have similar themes, Nepal and Nepali culture, and my new life in Canada," says Laxmi. "Dave came up to me and said I was a very nice singer: 'I'd like to put your music on a record, what do you think?' And I was so happy. I was ready."

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