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Directed by Gregg Araki (eOne)

Gregg Araki has two modes: fun (Smiley Face) and artiste (Mysterious Skin, shudder). The sci-fi teen sex romp is the former, a ridiculous, funny coming-of-age starring the dreamy-eyed Thomas Dekker as Smith, who heads to college with his best friend Stella (Haley Bennett, an edgy Emily VanCamp). He’s got a hot surfer bro roommate and a British fuckbuddy (Juno Temple, keep an eye on her) and it’s all very pansexual and funny, until Stella takes up with a witch and Smith has a recurring dream about magical hallways with mysterious doors and the whole thing goes batshit crazy with lots of people turning out to be key players in a worldwide conspiracy plot. It’s a tonal mess, with some sub-Diablo Cody dialogue, but damned if Kaboom isn’t awesome. Watch with friends.
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