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Just Breathe

Roxanne Smith's exhibit Breathe Normally memorializes everyday moments.

Just Breathe
Roxanne Smith's "Changes" captures the passage of time in a photograph.

When Roxanne Smith found an autograph book from 1937 in an antique store given to someone with the promise to stay in touch, Smith's curiosity (Did they stay in contact? For how long?) prompted a series of black and white photographs that explore themes of time and memory and the life you want to live versus the one you actually are. In the melancholy photos, Smith captures self-portraits in movement, each a quiet blur that memorializes the moment depicted (as in "Suppertime" or "Afternoon Nap") even as it passes.

Roxanne Smith: Breathe Normally
To December 2, ViewPoint Gallery, 1272 Barrington Street, 420-0854

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