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Judge Bitch

Gridiron (Aphasia Records)

I pick you up at sunset in an ’86 IROC-Z blasting eight new excellent tracks by Judge Bitch (Dartmouth’s Adam T. Burke). Stallone, already in the car, growls that Gridiron is metallic and prismatic synthwave with dark and evil throwbacks. This is Judge Bitch’s third release on France’s arcade-retro Aphasia Records and speed-chase jams “Anaconda” and “Chimera,” feat. label-mate Perturbator, get Sly so amped he’s fist-pumping. Melodies rev dangerously; tempos whiz by like a star-field screensaver; Sly makes us go to Taco Bell. An instant cult classic, Gridiron is scary, exciting and perfect for night-riding.

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