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Joel Plaskett Emergency

Truthfully Truthfully

Published November 06, 2003.Joel Plaskett EmergencyTruthfully Truthfully(Maple)If the intro to “Written All Over Me” doesn’t convince everyone that Joel Plaskett is a rock god, there is no justice in the world. The cleanly picked, lively riff that slowly morphs into a fuzzed-out orgasm of rawk is one of the best openers in years. The record rarely lets up from there. Plaskett’s pouty vocals have never sounded better, and the band is a well-oiled machine, punching out potential singles “Work Out Fine” and “Radio Fly” with ease. Truthfully Truthfully is Plaskett’s finest moment.—Chuck Teedcategories: Local artist,Canadian artist,ECMA nominee (2006),ECMA nominee (2007)

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