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Jinx the Cat luck and roll

Jinx the Cat curses you to dance like a maniac Friday

They're bad-luck tokens that will charm their way into your good graces. The members of Jinx the Cat didn't just choose an apt name for their band---it sometimes feels like a self-inflicted curse.

"We have definitely seen our fair share of bad luck," says Drew Albert, vocalist of the Saint John-based indie jam band (who will perform at Gus' Pub with Stephen Lewis on January 17), of its randomly chosen moniker, which has often seemed to mirror its members' poor fortune.

Case in point: As the band cruised to a recent St. Andrews gig in its perfectly titled Jambulance, the members were dismayed to realize that they might never arrive.

"Our touring van is a huge GMC Rally STX, and she's a gas guzzler," Albert says. "We ran out of gas just outside of St. Andrews--- we thought there would be a 24-hour gas bar around, and were sadly mistaken." Eventually, a friend from Grand Bay rescued them, but only after they'd sat on the side of the highway for hours in the freezing winter chill.

Recently, however, the band's luck may have turned---the outfit's fanbase grew steadily throughout 2013 and Jinx will return to the studio this year to record a follow up to the sleeper hit self-titled EP. And they've also gained an ally to help ward off ill fortune---one-man jam band extravaganza Stephen Lewis.

"I remember when he was just hitting the scene, and then seeing his transformation into this jam machine with all of the crazy loops. He has stepped his game up so much in the past few years," Albert says of Fredericton-based Lewis.

Lewis says it's a joy to have such musical partners, regardless of their luckiness. "Even though I'm a solo act, I feel like I almost have four other band members alongside me," he says of sharing the stage with Jinx on current and past tours. "It's great to be able to encourage each other, instead of compete like some bands tend to do."

Jinx the Cat w/Stephen Lewis
Friday, January 17 at 10pm
Gus’ Pub, 2605 Agricola Street

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