Jenny Omnichord | Cultural Festivals | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

Although I knew Windom Earle would take the Fun-o-Metre to the top, I also knew I could see them again and again, and so I left The Seahorse to see Ox at The Attic. According to my handy schedule, Ox was starting the four-band lineup on Friday night. According to my own eyes when I looked at the stage at The Attic, Jenny Omnichord from The Bar Mitzvah Brothers--the band originally scheduled to headline--was up there all alone in the opening slot.

Jenny bravely entertained the tiny crowd with her tiny fingers working tiny miracles on her Omnichord. She played a couple of Pixies tunes, a Neutral Milk Hotel song and generally brought the sad little electronic gloom (although her colourful attire was cheery). This was the birthday party where none of the birthday girl's friends bothered to show up. Jerks.

Afterwards, I picked up the last copy of her handmade Jenny Omnichord Covers the Pixies EP for a toonie and let me tell you, the smile that brightened her face would melt anyone. Bravo, young lass.

Also: I don't really know if an Omnichord technically qualifies as an organ, but I can't think of another dirty headline otherwise.

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