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Jay Mayne and Thrillah Kane: Head to head

The two longtime collaborators share a stage at this year’s festival

ODOD afterparty w/Jay Mayne, Thrillah, Alfie, Nicole Ariana
Thursday, October 23, 11pm
The Company House, 2202 Gottingen Street

Jay Mayne (above) and Daniel "Thrillah" Kane (right) have been building their rap games all year. In case you've been sleeping on it, both Dartmouth-raised rappers have been releasing tracks on the regular, racking up regional music award nominations and performing sold-out shows. By strong contrast—Mayne's chilled out weed raps next to Thrillah's club-focused vibes—their performances together are hot as shit. 

"Over the last year, I've learned how to relax more onstage," Kane says. His favourite show so far was performing at The Seahorse in August with Mayne. It was off the hook. "To perform with my brother Jay is always a great feeling, knowing we got each other's backs onstage 100 percent of the time."

While Kane gets set up in the scene, Mayne's been around for a few minutes now. But the WESC activist/skateboarder is still grinding: "I've been working on my big spin flips. They say old dogs can't learn new tricks, but pfff! I'm out here," he says. Mayne's following up his 2014 ECMA-nominated album, F*kit, with slower-burning joints much like the laid-back feeling of his summer single, "Lup." "The shit I'm sitting on right now is mellow, by choice. This is the type of music I like making most," says Mayne. And he's good at it. But Thrillah turns down for nothing. His banger "Drop That" took home Best Single in The Coast's 2014 Best of Music and he's also working on a new album.

With Our Dynasty Our Destiny film collective in their crew, from videos to steady support, collaboration for these two just makes sense. But it's also rare to see such different artists complement each other so well. "Thrillah is just a good dude," says Mayne, as Thrillah adds: "Jay's just a real straight-up dude. He always gives me honest opinions on things, especially about my music." This trust and friendship comes across onstage when they're jumping onto each other's tracks and with other collaborators, as well.

"The show should be sick," says Mayne. "Thrillah and Alfie are gonna handle their business and Nicole Ariana no doubt will hold it down." As for Kane's performance, he says, "Just expect to be thrilled."

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