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It’s Not Fun, Don’t Do It! starring: Tegan and Sara

It’s Not Fun, Don’t Do It! starring: Tegan and Sara
Part of the appeal of this indie pop duo is the twins’ bratty sibling banter, so the doc portions of this performance/video collection/behind-the-scenes DVD are the funniest and most illuminating. Each sister is armed with a camera, and like siblings will, each uses it to needlessly needle their opponent. (The title comes from an ill-advised walk through cactus country in Arizona.) The making-of doc about the breakthrough record So Jealous follows the Quins as they struggle through the usual expectations, commercial appeal and goal of their music. Compellingly, each sister expresses fear that she is the songwriter holding the pair back—Tegan believes her songs are too simple compared to Sara’s complicated melodies; Sara thinks hers are too weird compared to Tegan’s radio-friendly sensibilities. A live show recorded at Toronto’s Phoenix should be the highlight but isn’t—it’s simply an OK set from a tired band, filmed by somebody who doesn’t care that much, missing many of the sisters’ barbs. A fun feature is “The Marionnettes,” which are puppet versions of the twins who perform and go on tour. Fans of the band are the target demo, but the making-of doc is useful for anyone interested in the recording process.
—Tara Thorne

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