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Imaginary Heroes
Directed by: Dan Harris
(Signature Films)
At 25, Dan Harris has already carved out a niche for himself in Hollywood as a writer of fantasy movies, with X2 behind him and Superman Returns, Ender’s Game and Logan’s Run ahead. Imaginary Heroes is a very different sort of film and, one suspects, a more personal one. The Travises are a well-off, disfunctional American family. When champion swimmer Matt (Kip Pardue) takes his own life, he leaves behind brother Timmy (Emile Hirsch), sister Penny (Michelle Williams), father Ben (Jeff Daniels) and mother Sandy (Sigourney Weaver) to sort out their guilt, recrimination and secrets. There is a black vein of suburban humour here reminiscent of such recent pictures such Garden State and The Upside of Anger, but the tale of the Travises is dramatically overweight, with too many trite exchanges, too many ideas and not enough focus. That said, there are a few moments that work in the dialogue and performances. While Heroes doesn’t add up, too many ideas are always preferable to too few.
—Carsten Knox

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