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HPX Zine Fair explodes

The festival's Saturday afternoon tradition brings brand new zines, music, typewriters and burritos to the table(s).

On Saturday afternoon your ears will likely need a rest from music overload and yelling concert-goers. It'll be a lovely break to shift the workload over to your eyes for a few hours and check out the annual HPX Zine Fair where loads and loads of amazing zines, small-press books, indie record labels and cool people in general load into a room together. "I love the Zine Fair. I think it's an important part of the Pop Explosion because it's free, all ages and open to everyone to table," says Anchor Archive's Sarah Evans, the lady behind the event. "The fair showcases dozens of amazing artists and writers and musicians who are working hard on DIY projects in Halifax." She points out a couple of those people to look for: Jake Feldman, who'll table his Palestine solidarity zines for the first time (Return Key Distro) and Roberts Street resident Caroline Paquita, with her Womanimalistic zine. Plus: Roberts Street Social Centre will fundraise for a people's photocopier and tempt you with burritos, pins, postcards and a typewriter silent auction.

Saturday October 22, Saint David's Church, 1537 Brunswick Street, noon-5pm

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