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HPX Tix for pix and quips review section

Citizen journalists! Send photos to our Flickr pool and/or submit your reviews HERE and you can win tickets to hot shows at the Halifax Pop Explosion

The Coast's HPX Free Ticket Giveaway

Single tickets will be given to those contributors who have sent in the best quality contributions. Winning entries will be picked daily and you can collect your tickets at our office between 9am-5pm.

Here are the tickets up for Grabs:

Herman Dune with Julie Doiron, October 22 - 2 tickets

Japanther with Devil Eyes, October 23 - 2 tickets


Japandroids with You Say Party, We Say Die!, Zeus and Little Girls, October 24 - 2 tickets

Jenn Grant with Timber Timbre, October 24

Your Job:

What did you see? What did you overhear? Who rocked your world? What was the scene like? Was someone wearing nice pants? Let us know! Send us the best, most creative citizen journalism you can. Post your reviews here, on this blog post, email them to [email protected]. Or tweet them to us. Contributions can be short, medium or long. You can even take pictures and post them to our Coast Flickr Photopool So don't worry about the format: We'll take 'em any old way.

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