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Hollerado dials it down

After years on the road, the now Toronto-based indie-rockers are ready to make a new record.

Hollerado dials it down
Hollerado: "a band that likes to walk."

For Hollerado downtime is a bit of a foreign concept---they've had barely any of it since releasing 2010's Record in a Bag. But now that touring is finally starting to wind down they're embracing doing nothing by taking lots of walks and settling into their new home, Toronto. "The van is really the closest thing to a home that we've all had," says bassist Dean Baxter. "It's nice to know that we have some stuff." This trip to the Maritimes, and a couple scattered dates will be the end of the Record in a Bag road, leading the boys straight into the studio for a productive winter of new music. The Western half of this victory lap found the ever-creative, ostrich-riding (check out their newest video, "Good Day at the Races") indie-rockers on what Baxter calls a "mission to find out which mayors are cool," but sadly the Meet the Mayor tour doesn't extend eastward. But---mayor Kelly, if you'd like to defend your coolness, surely Hollerado will put you on the guestlist.

Friday Dec 2, The Seahorse Tavern, 1655 Argyle Street, 10pm, $12/$15

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