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Hilarity in Halifax

Steve Patterson has his say

Steve Patterson is probably best known for his role as the host of the CBC show The Debaters. Or possibly as Canada’s best male stand-up comedian (as chosen in the Canadian Comedy Awards in 2011).

“On The Debaters I’m essentially a referee for the other comics. I don’t want to step on their material so I kind of have to hold back,” says Patterson. “With this show, they’re not there so I get to talk about what I want to say.” And Patterson is a seasoned performer, after touring across the English-speaking world, he hosted the 2011 Just For Laughs comedy tour. Patterson is looking forward to having a live audience again.

“There’s really no comparison for those who have seen TV and coming to a live show,” says Patterson. “It allows me to get a better relationship with the audience instead of a one-night stand.”

The show features all new original material along with a few musical moments—when Patterson breaks into song. Patterson also promises a handful of letters to inanimate objects who deserve a talking to. “I’m looking forward to really getting to talk about what I actually care about and I want to make it funny,” says Patterson.

Steve Patterson performs Friday, May 10 at the Rebecca Cohn, 6101 University Avenue, 7:30pm, $42.50

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