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Haydain Neale’s Jacksoul

SOULmate (Sony/BMG)

With the recent passing of Haydain Neale, the loss is deeply felt. But very soon the sound of that soulful baritone leads the listener to a lightness of heart, the spirit to a place of strength. Yes, that sounds heavy, but the man's memory, legacy, is worthy of the sentiment. SOULmate, particularly "How We Do," "This is Heaven," "It's You" and closer "You're Beautiful" reaffirms Neale as a torchbearer for true soul, smart, sophisticated yet simple R&B. As an arranger and singer, working with longtime musical partners and celebrating family and friends, his understanding of melody, harmonies and lyrical honesty hasn't diminished since the classic 1996 debut Absolute. Let's always carry a torch for Haydain Neale.

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