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Halifax is Burning's top 12 local jams

Trevor Murphy provides some tunes to sip eggnog by

Halifax is Burning's top 12 local jams
Jenn Grant shines on The Beautiful Wild

Halifax is Burning's Trevor Murphy (listen Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm on CKDU 88.1FM) is a voracious local music fan and wants only to share his best of 2012 list (with playlist!) with you. Have a click and a read as he breaks it down, Twitter-style.

1) Jennah Barry, Young Men: Amazing debut album from a soon-to-be star, with songs that get stuck in my head for days on end.

2) Mike O’Neill, Wild Lines: Long-awaited album from the Inbred. I once listened to it three times in a row with my friend Keith. It’s that good.

3) Outtacontroller, Don’t Play Dumb: “Put It On High” is one of the greatest songs I’ve heard in years. Buzzsaw guitars & pop melodies.

4) PANOS, S/T: Avant-garde indie pop at its finest, reminiscent of the best Broken Social Scene records you’ve never heard.

5) The Wides, S/T: Finally, Haligonian post-punk makes a comeback. One of my favorite bands to watch. Truly revitalizing.

6) Sea Glasses, Treading Water: Water-drenched, atmospheric dream pop. My favorite discovery of the last year.

7) Cousins, The Palm At The End of the Mind: This album dominated the campus charts, including my own, for most of the summer.

8) Cold Warps, Don’t Haunt Me, OK? b/w Stuck on an Island: The B-Side is one of the best Cold Warps songs ever. “When I write these songs for you, it’s like the only cool thing I do.”

9) Long Weekends, Don’t Reach Out b/w Show Your Face: Reverb-washed vocals, surf-ish guitars and a lo-fi ascetic. RIP this band (for now?).

10) Jenn Grant, The Beautiful Wild: Lake Echo’s cutest couple teams up again to produce this gem, a follow-up to one of 2011’s best.

11) Heavy Meadows, Night Mechanics: One of the greatest voices in the whole city. This album has been a long time coming and is a welcome staple to my library.

12) Stelliform, The Room Had Filled With Light: Ambient drone-y textures painting ethereal mosaics that have the ability to transport you through time.

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