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By Ryan Gray, Dawn Shepherd

Circus that makes you question the nature of reality. Nascent comes from the the creators of TU Processed, which debuted in Halifax in 2016. Where Processed explored personal narratives on mental illness and race, Nascent is more metaphysical, delving into the creation of universes and the relationship between space and time. A cosmic spider dances frantically on an aerial rope. A bumbling clown wreaks large-scale havoc. Parasols whirl and storms rage. The atmosphere is dark, moody and immersive, but the narrative pokes fun at the absurdity of existence (who amongst us hasn’t failed to prevent the destruction of a universe because we were busy taking photos of a passing cat, am I right? #relatable).

The Halifax Music Co-op is an intimate setting for circus performance: the high ceilings allow the aerialists to show off their stuff as the audience gets an up-close view (sit front row-centre if you want to feel the breeze as performers swoop by).

The show warms up with two stand-alone pieces featuring tumbling and choreographed hooping set to live music, giving the audience a well-rounded taste of contemporary circus in Halifax. - Nicole Maunsell

Halifax Music Co-op, 2164 Barrington Street
70 Min

Thursday, August 31st: 8pm
Saturday, September 2nd: 8pm
Wednesday, September 6th: 8pm
Friday, September 8th: 8pm
Sunday, September 10th: 8pm

Out Late

By Alison Lynne Ward, Mihaly Szabados, and Hanlon McGregor

Two pieces on the theme of coming out in mid-life.

A one-woman monologue complete with flip charts, No Gold Star is based on Alison Lynne Ward’s experience coming out as a lesbian while married to a man. Ward aptly conveys the cognitive dissonance familiar to many queer women who at one point firmly believed they were straight, despite thinking about sex with women all the time and having crushes on their friends. A few jokes fall flat (the Letterman-style top ten list didn’t do it for me), but ultimately Ward succeeds at being relatable while also intensely personal and unique. We see her genuine heartbreak as she grieves her marriage and who she could have been, and her simultaneous aching for the possibility of who she will become.

Prepare to get misty-eyed at Unexpectedly Trans, as Hanlon McGregor performs scenes inspired by his transition and coming out to himself and his family. His character, Dan, is trying to “make friends with the awkward” while navigating family life, hormones and public transit. Director, co-writer and supporting actor Mihaly Szabados artfully kaleidescopes between secondary characters—supportive partner, unsupportive former friend, thief in the midst of robbing a pharmacy—but really shines as Blair, Dan’s young daughter, whose touching relationship with her newly-dubbed Papa drives the narrative. Blair is resistant at first, but like many children has depths of understanding that far outstrip some of the adults in her life.

Both plays convey the significance of finding the language to describe who you are and the importance of sharing it with the world. - Nicole Maunsell

Plan B Halifax, 2180 Gottingen St
70 mins

Thursday, August 31: 9:30pm
Friday, September 1: 8pm
Sunday, September 3: 7:pm
Monday, September 4: 2pm
Wednesday, September 6: 8:30pm
Thursday, September 7: 7:30pm & 10:25pm

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Do you think we’ll get hit by another storm before hurricane season ends Nov 30?

Do you think we’ll get hit by another storm before hurricane season ends Nov 30?

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