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Green as Moss

Tara Thorne could use something illegal to bring her down out of this Kate Moss tizzy.

The craziest thing about CocaineGate 2005 is not that Kate Moss does cocaine. (Girl, please! Even if she weren’t a model, her boyfriend, Pete Doherty, is an honest-to-goodness crackhead!) It’s not even that she was photographed doing so (which was awesome). It’s that the waste-of-life fashion industry is pretending that this is an isolated case, killing Moss’s three major fall campaigns and running on four-inch heels for the hills to stick their perfectly coiffed heads in the sand. “After examining the situation H&M decided that the campaign with Kate Moss is not compatible with H&M’s clear rejection of drugs,” the chain said in a release. Translation: Hey models! Keep the illegal substances in your dressing rooms!

A Denton in the blogosphere

That surprising New York Observer subscription we received for our recent birthday has already paid off in the form of a profile of Nick Denton. Now, this is where our love of print and love of the internet finally collide in one delicious mash-up. Denton is the British millionaire owner of Gawker Media, which runs 14 blogs, including the addictive and, feeding our generally weak will to live, The best part is not about Denton, it’s about how mainstream media still has to explain what fucking blogs are. This being the Observer, which is a bit cheeky, Tom Scocca’s definition is so close it should be in the dictionary:

“This is the story of blogs: Once upon a time, there was the Mainstream Media. The Mainstream Media lived in a tall, impregnable castle, where it paid people to write and paid other people to edit the writing. It printed the results on paper and tossed it down from the balconies, ordering the public to buy and read it.

Then a bunch of people — unpaid, many of them dressed in sleepwear — discovered that they could publish their own writing on the Internet, for free or close to it. Armed with their opinions and raw strength in numbers, they laid siege to the castle: amateur against professional, democracy against autocracy, new against old. The Mainstream Media retreated to an upstairs bedroom and barred the door, as the masses streamed into the throne room, waving Dan Rather’s head on a pike.”

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