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Great Bands, Free Tunez

everyone wins


Buncha new/free music today! First: Homo Duplex, the husband-wife-duo (comprised of the Maynards' Kristina Parlee and Attack in Black's Ron Bates) has another wee EP online for your listening pleasure here. They pull words out of hats and write songs about them! We're really enjoying these three spacy, fuzzy songs during this busy work day and you will too.

Meanwhile The Sleepless Nights' Andrew Sisk and Miranda Durka, who are otherwise known as Coco et Co, have released their debut album St. Denis as a free download. Lovely. You can hear/DL it here.

Finally, a little Facebook bird told us that Myles Deck and the Fuzz will be releasing their latest album for free download on October 10th. This is a good band that likes keeping their fans desperate and a little manic. I think everyone's been a little antsy since the release of Police Cops/Ayatollah a million years ago so this is good news. Here's a short film for the song "You Can't Heal a Sick Riff." STAY CALM.

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