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Good gourd

Tara Thorne keeps up with Martha Stewart, and it’s a good thing.

It’s taken a few weeks, but news of Martha Stewart’s Nova Scotia-based pumpkin debacle has reached the inboxes of American glossy editors. The story got some coverage as it was happening, but now that it’s over it’s starting to hit “best of the week” lists in tabs like Star and InTouch.

Our favourite is in Entertainment Weekly, in a column we don’t really like, even though it’s written by the fabulously funny Dalton Ross. (Who, the fangirl in us cannot resist pointing out to you, is married to one of our heroes, Christina Kelly.)

Ranking third out of 10 on Ross’s weekly “Hit List,” he fails to mention that it’s a Nova Scotian or even a Canadian lake. But still:

Martha Stewart Thwarted In Attempt to Row 660-Pound Pumpkin Across Lake: I’m sorry, but that sounds a hell of a lot worse than prison. And yet, oddly, still not as bad as The Apprentice: Martha Stewart.

And number nine:

Lil’ Kim Says She Will Not Work With 50 Cent Again Because His Music is “Too Violent”: Meanwhile, she says as soon as she’s released from prison she plans to ride a ridiuclously oversize pumpkin across a lake.

Journalsaurus Chuck

The Chicago Tribune’s Charles M. Madigan wrote a cranky, cheeky column this week, defining The New New Journalism. He divides it into three categories: journaltainment (“The presentation of entertainment as news...Where hot 24-year-olds go to hook up is journaltainment); journalganda (“Go to the US Department of Defense’s website...A warming story about a sergeant. All the good things ‘we’ are doing. That’s journalganda.”) and journography (“The mass medium version of an old standby, pornography, dressed up to be a little more acceptable and just a tad less offensive, but still very titillating. ... Women’s magazines offering 435 ways to ‘keep your man happy in the bedroom’ is journography.”). Mr. Madigan, please come and give us a seminar. We think we love you.

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