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Going On

On the road less traveled with Elizabeth Richardson


The middle of anything can be an exciting place, a vantage point from which to look both backwards and forwards and to make choices about the road ahead. In the one-woman play Going On, actress Elizabeth Richardson braids together vignettes from her years in an intense Buddhist retreat with her early experience as an actress understudying Uncle Vanya and Present Laughter while on tour with Peter O’Toole. It is a meditative journey that converges at the middle point of “now” and hints at what is to come. Richardson is a gifted actress who quietly commands the stage. She brings to life several characters including a comically-cadenced O’Toole and her loving, worried mother who voiced some of my own thoughts about the rigors of the retreat. The scenes from Vanya and Present Laughter are both comical and pertinent to the theme of aging. Going On is an amusing and touching look into one woman’s journey on the road of life.


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