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Going Down at the Living Room

Light as elevator music (but much more entertaining)


After recently seeing two plays that chilled and horrified me, it was a pleasure to take in the light and humorous Going Down. Written by and starring Andrew Chandler and Ann Doyle, the play takes two “regular” people and traps them in an elevator under some stressful conditions. Chandler plays an egotistical man-on-the-make, while Doyle is a frosty would-be writer. Over the course of ninety minutes, their characters reveal quite a bit about what makes them tick, with plenty of laughs and fireworks along the way. The tiny Living Room Theatre is a perfect venue for the life-like elevator set. The audience is so close to the actors that every nuanced facial expression is visible and the awkwardness of the situation is palpable. There’s only one performance left of this charming two-hander, so don’t miss out.

Sunday, March 13 at 7pm at The Living Room Theatre, 2353 Agricola Street. Tickets are $10-15 and are available at 209-3473 or [email protected]

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