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Glory Days

Breagh Mackinnon’s Where the Days Went is a snapshot of personal experiences told through soft folk tales.

Glory Days
Breagh Mckinnon showcases some new sounds Saturday at the Company House

Sometimes all it takes is some inspiring friends and fresh perspectives for a creative breakthrough. This is something folk-pop singer-songwriter Breagh Mackinnon particularly agrees with. The young talent plays a release show Where the Days Went Saturday, November 17 at the Company House, with a set that will feature a few of the special guests who have inspired her.

Where the Days Went shows a new direction for the Mackinnon, a more mature, developed sound she attributes to working with others. "I think with this record it definitely kind of shows me growing up a little bit as a musician and songwriter," Mackinnon says. "How I choose to portray the songs and instrumentation is I think partly due to co-writing with Gordie Sampson, or Carleton [Stone] and Molly [Thomason] and Dylan [Guthro]. You learn from their style and it helps you develop your own voice. That's what partially helped me develop as a songwriter."

Mackinnon's musical background shows a lot of range. A folk fan by nature, she's in her third year studying jazz piano at St. Francis Xavier. "Being able to play these years at X and devote myself to learning the style of jazz I think has kind of broadened my musical horizons," says Mackinnon. "By allowing myself to sink into this type of music I think it's inevitable that it would effect my pop stuff as well, it effects some of the arrangements, a few tunes are just a little more jazzy."

Honest, autobiographical lyrics run throughout Where the Days Went; Mackinnon describes her songs as odes to important moments---and people---in her life. "As I listen to the songs and think back to when I wrote them, they're like snapshots of all the experiences I've had in the last couple of years: going away to school or living away from home for the first time," she says. "A lot of it seems to be about making connections, whether to a place like home or to a person, like a boyfriend or girlfriend, or within yourself you're always growing or making connections with other people." --Stephanie Johns

Breagh Mackinnon w/Dylan Guthro
Saturday, November 17, 8:30pm , $8
The Company House, 2202 Gottingen Street

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