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Airy electronics, heavy on the percussion

Nick Iwaskow started Gigas “a while ago” while still in high school and looking to focus on a solo project while his other band was falling apart. He started collecting synths and looping pedals and playing house parties. Inspired by Boards of Canada, Cocteau Twins, shoegaze bands and folk, Iwaskow says, “I like to try and capture a sort of summer road trip airy-spinning-in-a-circle kind of vibe in my songs,” adding that lately he’s been into “tribal bass-heavy” and “jungley tropical” sounds. He was working on a full-length record, but recently received offers to make a split EP with a UK band, The Ships Cat (coming out this month), and be on a compilation from the Sunken Sounds label. The full-length is still in the works, he says, but his focus for now is assembling a full band and writing new material with “lots of bongos and percussive drumming.”
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